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Anyone who applies for a commercial driver’s license (CDL), or wants to maintain their current licensure has to undergo regular screenings and physicals. Leading primary care physician John Torquato, MD, provides Department of Transportation (DOT)-required physicals right in the office at Family Medical Care, PLLC, in Hayden, Idaho. If you’re due for a CDL physical, book an appointment online or over the phone today. You can even walk in during normal business hours for a CDL physical.

CDL Physicals Q & A

Why do I need a CDL physical?

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) requires anyone who needs to maintain a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to undergo routine physicals with a licensed medical examiner. CDL physicals — also known as DOT physicals — are important to: 

  • Ensure you don’t have a health condition that may affect your driving
  • Manage chronic health conditions, like high blood pressure 
  • Check your hearing and vision

Your doctor uses the DOT Medical Examination Report Form to perform required tests and screenings to make sure you’re healthy enough to have a CDL. 

What happens during a CDL physical?

At Family Medical Care, PLLC, Dr. Torquato has extensive experience in performing CDL physicals, so you can expect fast and efficient care. During your CDL physical, Dr. Torquato conducts a head-to-toe exam and may run labs necessary for evaluation:

  • Sleep habits 
  • Mental health 
  • Lung functions
  • Vascular functions 
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Vision and hearing 
  • Neurological functions
  • Spine and bone health
  • Urinary and digestive health

If you have a known chronic condition that requires additional monitoring, such as hypertension or diabetes, Dr. Torquato might need to conduct specialized screenings. 

How do I prepare for a CDL physical?

To help you prepare for your CDL physical at Family Medical Care, PLLC, it’s helpful to look over the Medical Examination Report Form, so you know exactly what to expect from your evaluation. 

If you have a history of a health condition and have been under the care of a specialist, such as a cardiologist or an endocrinologist, it can be beneficial to request your medical records before your CDL physical. You should also:

  • Know your personal and family health history
  • Make a list of all prescription medications and dosages
  • Write down all of your over-the-counter medications, including supplements

Dr. Torquato has extensive experience with CDL physicals, so he can help you every step of the way throughout your medical application processing. Your CDL physical is valid for up to 24 months, depending on your health. But Dr. Torquato can let you know if you may need additional physicals to monitor ongoing health conditions. 

Book your CDL physical at Family Medical Care, PLLC, directly through the website. You can also call the office to speak with a team member.